Het bestuur van de Vereniging van Onroerend Goed Onderzoekers Nederland (VOGON) is op zoek naar een lid voor de kascommissie. Dit is een speciale, onafhankelijke commissie die de boekhouding van de vereniging controleert.

De belangrijkste taak van de kascommissie is het controleren van de jaarrekening, gemaakt door de penningmeester. Verder geeft de commissie een oordeel over het gevoerde financiële beleid. In de afgelopen jaren vormden Thomas van Kuipers en Ed Nozeman de kascommissie. Nozeman heeft aangegeven het dit jaar voor het laatst te doen. Van Kuipers zal volgend jaar stoppen.

Het bestuur stelt voor om leden van de kascommissie vanaf nu voor maximaal twee jaar te benoemen. De bedoeling is ieder jaar een nieuw lid te benoemen ter vervanging van het lid uit de voorafgaande twee jaar. Daarmee is de continuïteit van de commissie gewaarborgd.

Kandidaten voor de kascommissie (2024 en 2025) kunnen zich uiterlijk 10 mei 2023 melden bij het secretariaat van de VOGON via info@vogon.nl. De benoeming vindt plaats tijdens de ALV op 11 mei 2023.

NoorderRuimte, Research Centre for Built Environment, performs practice-oriented research into the built environment of North Netherlands. The Centre clusters the professorships Earthquake Resistance and Promising Groningen, Facility Management, Living Environment in Transition, Spatial Transformations and Real Estate. NoorderRuimte’s professorships and its professors work closely together and focus on four key themes: Earthquake Resistance, Sustainability, Health & Wellbeing and Liveability. These themes tie in with the current issues and challenges of the North. NoorderRuimte has links with BuildinG and the Global Centre on Adaptation.
Would you like to be part of the research into (and discussion on) sustainable real estate and the quality of the built environment in North Netherlands?
For our professorship Real Estate we are currently seeking a
Professor (lector) Real Estate
Economically and socially profitable real estate markets of the future
0.6 FTE
Position in the organisational structure
You are responsible for the professorship Real Estate and will closely cooperate with other professors within the Research Centre NoorderRuimte. You are accountable to the Dean of the School of Business Management.
What we expect
You initiate and coordinate practice-oriented research into real estate-related issues. You are able to link research results to the professorship and embed these results in our educational programmes, particularly in our courses Real Estate Management, Built Environment and Facility Management. You set a clear course for the professorship and provide its themes with content and allure. You always aspire to lift the professorship to a higher level. Your focus here is on researching the real estate markets of the future, with a prominent place for finding an economic and social justification for spatial interventions (SCBA). Also, you are able to calculate the value and social impact of interventions developed by other professorships.
You do this jointly with a team of field experts and teacher-researchers; the so-called professorship or research group. You publish obtained knowledge and insights and translate these for use in the classroom and into practical applications. You are literally the bridge between education and practice. You lead practice-oriented research projects and support educational programmes in cooperation with research group members, professional practice and other professorships within the Research Centre. You write, raise external funds for and execute research proposals (target: 40% external financing). Also, you maintain the professorship’s regional, national and international network in order to reinforce cooperation between (Northern) professional practice and the UAS and intensify the circulation of knowledge. As a professor you are also involved in educational development, e.g. the development of a master’s. Furthermore, as professor Real Estate you have a coordinating role. You collect and develop knowledge, make it available and apply it. It is your ambition to develop this further. You are an excellent manager of both starting and experienced researchers. Experience in cooperation with authorities and the corporate world is an advantage. The same goes for experience in accreditation processes.
Teaching and research remit
Within the region, the development of a balanced supply in the various real estate markets is an important social challenge, which differs for commercial and social real estate. Balancing real estate markets requires an integral approach of real estate development. This integral approach is demand-oriented, fits within the relevant legal frameworks (e.g. Environment and Planning Act) and provides insight into social costs and benefits, sustainable forms of financing and a healthy sustainable exploitation.
The professorship’s remit is to perform research into futureproof scenarios for real estate markets. An important point in this research is the testing of such scenarios with regard to their financial, economic and social impact. This requires thorough research into advanced valuation methods. Thus, the professorship will increase the understanding of to what extent existing real estate markets are futureproof. At the same time it plays a leading role in making choices on real estate development and management.
Within NoorderRuimte we also ask ourselves the question of which developments in North Netherlands affect its (perceived) liveability. How can the built environment contribute to a healthy living environment and what facilities does this require? As a research centre we want to be a key player in projects regarding evidence-based design and healing environments, such as the Groningen project Healthy Cities. These last two developments are closely connected to Hanze UAS’ strategic themes Energy and Healthy Ageing, with a focus on the built environment. Regional development is aimed at long-term financial and social value creation. As professor Real Estate you play an important role in these developments. You specialize in research into and the execution of social cost and benefits analyses (SCBAs), combined with scenarios for real estate markets and issues relevant to the Research Centre. Impact is a key principle.
Job requirements
– PhD graduate, with a background in real estate, combined with business studies, economics or econometrics; knowledge of and experience with SCBAs;
– vast (practical) research experience in the interactions between regional development, buildings and people;
– a vision on the development of real estate markets and research experience in real estate development and valuation;
– knowledge of real estate valuation, investment and model-based value appraisal systems;
– proven experience in research development, coordination and supervision, including PhD-research within higher professional education and fundraising for PhD-research;
– knowledge of and experience in writing grant applications;
– excellent national and international relations with relevant companies, authorities and research institutions;
– RICS-accredited or willing to become so.
You are an experienced practice and action-oriented researcher, capable of translating practical questions into research subjects and vice versa. You are able to integrate research and knowledge obtained within the Research Centre into education by having students and teachers participate actively in research. You build bridges between education, research, authorities and the corporate world, you know how to inspire professionals and encourage them to innovate through research. In doing so, you display a great deal of organisational sensitivity and you know how to balance different interests. You have an enterprising and innovative attitude, which makes you highly visible both in and outside the Research Centre and keeps you well-informed about and open to new developments. You recognize research opportunities and are an active influencer. You have the ability to connect people and as a person display a healthy balance between sensitivity and a businesslike attitude. In addition, you are a pleasant and clear communicator. You are entrepreneurial, decisive, inspiring and quality conscious.
What we offer
We offer you a temporary appointment of 0.6 FTE, on the basis of a 4 year professorship as Professor A (salary grade 15). In accordance with Collective Labour Agreement for Higher Professional Education (CAO-HBO) the gross salary is € 5.219 minimum and € 7.284 maximum per month for a fulltime appointment. 
Hanze UAS offers excellent fringe benefits, including 13th month pay. Also, Hanze UAS encourages the continuing professionalisation of its employees.
On taking up employment at Hanze, new employees must provide a certificate of good conduct. Hanze UAS will reimburse its costs.
An assessment may be part of the selection procedure.
For further information, please contact Ms. Renate Coumou, Dean School of Business Management, at (0031) (0)655125068.
Applications can be e-mailed to r.a.coumou@pl.hanze.nl